Joining Technology Research Centre (JTRC)


Joining Technology Research Centre (JTRC)

The Joining Technology Research Centre at Oxford Brookes is recognised as one of the leading establishments providing industry with access to a unique combination of engineering and scientific skills in the UK today. The foundations of JTRC go back to 1968 and the Centre has since established an international reputation for its interdisciplinary approach to joining problems. In particular, the research team has undertaken a considerable amount of research and development, and has participated in a wide range of knowledge transfer activities, in the use of adhesives and sealants for the aerospace, automotive and construction sectors.

Research experience and knowledge transfer activities

  • Engineering and science of adhesive, sealants, joints and connections
  • Automotive and Aerospace bonded/sealed structures (Finalist in The Engineer 2011 awards)
  • Cross-sector multi-material solutions (JEC 2011 Award)
  • Materials and joint testing
  • Modelling of joint behaviour
  • Modification of surface chemical and physical nature
  • Durability and life-time prediction
  • Restoration and repair of historic timber structures
  • Civil strengthening and upgrade

Consultancy activities

JTRC undertakes consultancy and short- and long-term research contracts in most areas of adhesion, adhesive bonding and sealant technology, and failure analysis. Contact us for a preliminary discussion of your requirements.


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We worked with the Joining Technology Research Centre to develop a bespoke training course for new starters into our Research and Development function. They quickly grasped what we were trying to achieve and set up a training course that had a great balance of theory and real life examples which were relevant to our staff. The practical embedment exercises really helped to make sense of the theory and injected an element of fun into the training.

The course participants rated the training highly for their level of engagement and the clear way in which the information and ideas were expressed. The Joining Technology Research Centre listened to our feedback after the first course and made the training even better the second time. This year (2014) will be the third time we run the course with the Joining Technology Research Centre. Overall the experience of working with them to develop our training has been very positive.

Katherine Higgins
Research & Development Director, Corporate Research & Development


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We worked with the Sustainable Engineering and Innovation group at Oxford Brookes University to create a bespoke course to train colleagues in advanced composite materials. We selected Oxford Brookes based on their expertise and research track record in the field. During the development of the course our feedback was incorporated into the training materials to ensure the final output met our needs, with a blend of theory and practical examples. The team at Oxford Brookes delivered an engaging and relevant training experience that was beneficial to those who participated.

Dr Natalia Becerra
Technical Director – Polymers & Composites



JEC Innovation Award Winner

Current PhD Program

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Evaluating the joining requirements for bonding light-weight next generation engineering materials for sustainable mass production

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