2 December 2014

OBR invited to annual competition for UK best teams to inspire school children to become engineers

Oxford Brookes Racing (OBR) were invited to attend an annual competition organised by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers at Bedford Modern School on 12 November 2014.

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The three most successful Formula Student UK teams were tasked with inspiring local school children to consider engineering as a career option. The team’s presentation was well received by both the judges and local school children, and they were ultimately named winners of the competition, following being crowned 2014 UK best team earlier this year.

Students Ralph Dale and Edward Hogg represented OBR, alongside rivals Bath and Hertfordshire. Each presentation was delivered to a panel of judges, made up of leading engineers and designers from Formula 1 teams, including Brian O'Rouke, Head of Composites at Williams F1.

In their presentation, Dale and Hogg discussed OBR’s past successes and how the Brookes racing car works. To further engage the students, they talked about British engineering more generally, describing the Eurofighter Typhoon plane as an example of British engineering at its best. All three teams’ Formula Student cars were also used to showcase British engineering.

It’s rare as a student that you get an opportunity like this to inspire other young people,” said Hogg of the competition, “It was my fourth year of taking part in this event and my first win, which is a great personal achievement. It is always great to be judged by distinguished Formula 1 industry representatives, and to have the team perform well on this stage sets a great standard for the rest of the year.”

OBR are always on the lookout for new ideas and talent from all faculties and disciplines - if you would like further information, please contact OBR Team Leader Iain Allen