10 January 2014

Department awarded key funding to research renewable public transport

The Department of Mechanical Engineering and Mathematical Sciences at Oxford Brookes has been awarded key funding to research the application of renewable energy in the public transport sector in the Atlantic Area comprises counties in Europe which face the Atlantic Ocean.

The funding was awarded as part of the EU REPUTE project ‘Renewable Public Transport Enterprise’ which is a 9-partner project with a total budget of €1.5M of which Oxford Brookes was awarded €102k.

REPUTE is a project which is designed to be a catalyst to develop dynamic and innovative use of renewable energy in the public transport sector. The project will build on previous research work concerning transport networks. The major challenge of encouraging environmentally friendly public transport is to move individuals away from car usage and spur them on to use ‘greener’ forms of transport. To boost public transport requires making the transport networks more competitive which within the rural and sparsely populated Atlantic Area is a big problem.

Oxford Brookes University aims to develop a guide to state-of-the-art of existing and new renewable technologies available for use in public transport. Professor Allan Hutchinson, Head of the Sustainable Vehicle Engineering Centre said “There is an overwhelming need, both environmentally and economically to make public transport more sustainable. The REPUTE project will enable us to apply our knowledge and expertise to this important sector through an interesting European partnership.”

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