15 December 2015

Start of a great collaboration: Three Oxford Brookes University graduates win placements with Formula 1 Scuderia Ferrari in 2015

Oxford Brookes University has a long tradition of Motorsport and has been known as one of the key providers of Motorsport programs worldwide, preparing to celebrate 20 years of provision in 2016.

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In our programs at the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Mathematical Sciences, we aim to equip our students with the specialist knowledge and skills, experience of latest technology and specialist software packages and to develop as individuals so as to leave us in a position to compete in a competitive employment market. All our students have an opportunity to be a part of Oxford Brookes Racing, which is truly global and has an impressive track record since 2000 and repeatedly holding a top flight position within various competitions in the UK, USA and Germany. There is a long list of alumni in all major racing series with particular presence in F1, with prominent alumni figures such as Pat Symonds and Adrian Reynard. We celebrate the fact that OBU have graduates in every F1 team currently racing in the world. In addition to high academic standards, many of these Brookes alumni benefit form preparation for the dynamic environment of racing by their participation in Oxford Brookes Racing. This is Brookes Formula Student Team, which has been consistently achieving excellent results at Formula Student competitions for the last 15 years, with the favorite trophy being the design competition winners in 2014.

We already have five long-standing excellent alumni working for Ferrari and our collaboration is reaching further this year: one of our MEng graduates started in June and we were then visited by Ferrari HR executives in July. Consequently Brookes were invited to compete for places at the highly selective new talent initiative, the Ferrari Formula 1 Engineering Academy: following challenging tests and interviews, six of our students were invited to Maranello for the final stage selection. After a very intense, competitive process, two of our graduates are now confirmed to be joining Ferrari! Formula 1 Scuderia Ferrari is the most successful team in Formula 1 history, having won 16 constructor championships and 15 driver championships. The graduates are very excited to be benefiting from coaching and leadership from Ferrari experts, living the dream!

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