Intelligent Transport Systems

Doctoral Training Programme

Autonomous Vehicles

A multi-disciplinary programme providing a framework to develop the researchers of tomorrow, carrying out high quality research to develop the transport systems of the future.

Autonomous Vehicles

There are many projects underway such a wheel torque control, computer vision and gesture recognition to develop a vehicle that can think and react to visual and audio commands as well as what's happening in its surroundings.

The use of remote vehicles working in tandem with the autonomous vehicle is being developed as a method of mapping terrain to enable the autonomous vehicle to make quicker and better decisions about best path direction.

Human robotic interaction

Human robotic interaction

This project is looking to develop a robotic torso that can mimic real life human movements to enable clearer visual communication between it and human subjects.

The eye movement, head movement and facial movements are going to be developed first and then work will start on arm and hand movements. The final aim of the project will be to use vision and sound with the robotic design to interact with humans as humans would interact with one another.


Simulation, Modelling and Systems Integration (SMSI)

Oxford Brookes University
Wheatley Campus
United Kingdom


Principal Investigators

Research Students

  • Steve Barker
  • Marco Cecotti
  • Yuchen Lu
  • Michael Sapienza
  • Sunando Sengupta
  • Julien Valentin