Applied Statistics and Statistical Modelling

Work in Applied Statistics is in a variety of application areas as well as in the theory of modelling.

Applied Maths Class

Areas of interest include:

  • Applications of statistical modelling using repeated measurements and mixture models. Such models frequently arise in different research areas and they have been applied to problems in the social sciences, bio-statistics, epidemiology and economics.
  • Statistical modelling in Education.
  • Statistical modelling in social sciences, such as multi-state multi-spell competing risks models for social exclusion and labour market transitions.
  • Applied Maths Class
  • Statistical modelling in medical sciences, including the study of breast cancer patients with shoulder complexity in order to identify risk factors significantly associated with shoulder morbidity after treatment for breast cancer, a physical activity study (PAS) for people with Multiple Sclerosis, investigation of cortical activation of cognitive motor interference (CMI) during gait and simulated gait in ambulating stroke survivors.
  • Statistical modelling in Economics, including deriving and maximising the likelihood function associated with multi-product cost functions applied to different aspects of the performance of higher education institutions.

Support for research active staff

Statslink/Mathslink provides one to one statistical and mathematical advice for research-active staff within all faculities, supporting joint grant applications, research design and analysis. Appropriate statistical advice can promote better postgraduate learning or supervision and lead to higher quality publications in many subject areas.


Simulation, Modelling and Systems Integration (SMSI)

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