Prof Denise Morrey

Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Current Role

Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Research Lead for Mechanical Engineering and Mathematical Sciences

Previous Role

  • Dean of School of Technology (2002 to 2010)
  • Head of School of Engineering (1998 to 2002)


Lead architect of the development of the Motorsport Engineering courses and activity at Oxford Brookes, winning £ 2.1M of funding from the South East of England Development Agency (SEEDA) to establish a Motorsport Engineering Centre as part of the new purpose built 5,000 m2 Engineering building on the Wheatley campus.

Recipient of the award of 12 annual scholarships from Fernando Alonso for Spanish students to study on MSc in Motorsport Engineering courses.

Current Research Awards

  • EPSRC TARF-LCV ‘Towards Affordable Closed Loop Recyclable Future Low Carbon Vehicle Structures (TARF-LCV)’ (Overall award £ 4.2M, eight partners) (Co-investigator). Start date: January 2012.
  • TSB MiTRE (Micro-turbine Range Extender) with Delta Motorsport (5 partners) £ 85k (Co-investigator). Start date: September 2012.
  • Leverhulme Fellowship in Vehicle Dynamics, £ 25k (Principal Investigator). Start date: August 2013.
  • PhD Studentship with Norbar Torque Tools Ltd, £ 95k. (Principal Investigator). Start Date: January 2014.
  • TSB In-Field Solutions for Integrated Transport Systems (Total award, £ 63k, 5 partners) (Principal Investigator). Start date: February 2014.
  • EU REPUTE ‘Renewable Public Transport Enterprise’ (€ 102k (Ten partner project with total funding of € 1.5M)) (Principal/Co-investigator). Start date: February 2014.

Recent Research Awards

  • EPSRC grant (Foresight Vehicle Link Programme): Adaptation of Vehicle Environmental Performance by Telematics (AVERT) (2000 – 2003): £ 84,625 (Principal Investigator)
  • EPSRC Funded NVH Project, £371k, 2003 – 2006 (Co-Investigator).


  • Member of Institution of Mechanical Engineers

Teaching interests

  • Engineering Dynamics
  • Vehicle Dynamics
  • Innovation

Research interests

  • Vehicle Dynamics
  • Vehicle Modelling
  • Structural-acoustic modelling
  • Reduced Order Modelling
  • Suspension, Powertrain and Tyre Modelling
  • Lightweighting, LCA and Sustainability
  • Integrated Transport and Sustainability

Selected Recent Refereed Journal Publications

R.S. Puri, D Morrey, ‘A comparison of one and two-sided Krylov-Arnoldi projection methods for fully coupled, damped structural-acoustic analysis’, Journal of Computational Acoustics, 21, 1350004 (2013) DOI: 10.1142/S0218396X13500045.

RS Puri, D Morrey, ‘An Arnoldi based projection formulation for fully-coupled structural-acoustic systems’, Acta Acustica with Acustica, Journal of the European Acoustics Association, S Hirzel Publications, Volume 97, Number 3, May/June 2011, pp. 509-518(10).

R. S. Puri, D. Morrey, A Krylov-Arnoldi Reduced Order Modelling Framework for Efficient, Fully Coupled, Structural-Acoustic Optimization. Journal of Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization, DOI: 10.1007/s00158-010-0588-5, Published 16 November 2010.

R Srinivasan Puri, D Morrey, A Bell, J F Durodola, E B Rudnyi, J G Korvink, 'Reduced Order, Fully Coupled, Structural-Acoustic Analysis via Implicit Moment Matching', Journal of Applied Mathematical Modelling, Volume 33, Issue 11, November 2009, Pages 4097-4119.

S Samuel, D Morrey, M Fowkes, C P Garner, and L Austin, ‘Deriving on-road spatial vehicle emission profiles from chassis dynamometer experiments’, Proceedings of the IMechE: Vol. 220, Part D, J. Automobile Engineering.

S Samuel, D Morrey, M Fowkes, D H C Taylor, C P Garner, L Austin, ‘Real-world performance of catalytic converters’, Proc IMechE Vol.219 Part D: Automobile Engineering, 2005.

S Samuel, D Morrey, M Fowkes, D H C Taylor, L Austin, T Felstead, and S Latham, ‘Real-world fuel economy and emission levels of a typical EURO-IV passenger vehicle’, Proc IMechE Vol.219 Part D: Automobile Engineering, 2005.

S Samuel, D Morrey, M Fowkes, DHC Taylor and CP Garner and L Austin, ‘Numerical Investigation of Real-World Gasoline Car Drive-Cycle Fuel Economy and Emissions’ SAE 2004- 01- 0635.

S Samuel, D Morrey, M Fowkes, DHC Taylor and CP Garner and L Austin, ‘The Most Significant Vehicle Operating Parameter for Real-World Emission Levels’ SAE 2004- 01- 0636.

S Samuel, L Austin and D Morrey, ‘Automotive test drive cycles for emission measurement and real-work emission levels - a review’. Journal of Automotive Engineering, Proceedings of IMechE, Part D 2002.

L Austin and D Morrey, ‘Recent Advances in ABS and traction control systems’, Part D, Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Vol.214, p625-638, 2000.

Undergraduate project supervision

  • Vehicle dynamics and modelling

Undergraduate teaching

  • Engineering dynamics
  • Innovation
Denise Morrey


Department of Mechanical Engineering and Mathematical Sciences

Oxford Brookes University
Wheatley Campus
United Kingdom