Dr Hooshang Izadi

Senior Lecturer


Hooshang obtained a BSc from the University of Tehran and an MSc from the National University of Iran. After moving to the UK, he studied in an MSc programme at Essex University, where he also completed his PhD. He was a lecturer at Lancaster University and Queen’s University Belfast before joining Oxford Brookes in 1998.

Teaching Responsibilities


  • Applied Probability
  • Statistical Inference
  • Mathematical Statistics
  • Time Series Analysis
  • Design of Experiment
  • Sampling & Surveys
  • Advanced Statistical Methods

Postgraduate (MSc Medical Statistics)

  • Statistical Modelling Using SAS

Research Interests

Hooshang’s Research interests include both theory and application of Statistics. In particular, he works in the areas of Time Series Analysis, Frequency and time domain, as well as Multi-level Models and Linear and Nonlinear Mixed Models. He has mainly been involved with research projects of the Movement Science Group in the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences.


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Hooshang Izadi


Department of Mechanical Engineering and Mathematical Sciences

Oxford Brookes University
Wheatley Campus
United Kingdom