James Larminie


Senior Lecturer in Automotive Electronics


I began my career in Engineering in 1969 when I joined EMI Ltd as an apprentice. As part of this apprenticeship I studied Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Southampton University. Later I worked for Johnson Matthey, the precious metals and industrial chemicals company. With them I worked on many projects, including some relating to the testing of automotive catalysts, and fuel cells. I left them to join Oxford Polytechnic (as Oxford Brookes University was then called) in 1989.

At Oxford Brookes my most important work has been teaching students, together with course leadership and management. However, I have also written books and research papers.

Teaching responsibilities

My main responsibilities are now in the area of electrical and electronic engineering related to cars, both production and motorsport. We run a range of very strong courses in Automotive and Motorsports Engineering. As well as the operational electronics and electrical aspects of vehicles, my teaching also covers sensors and data logging for performance improvement. Control Engineering comes into this as well, as does the whole area of Electric Vehicles. I am responsible for the following modules:-

  • U04600 Basic Electrical Engineering
  • U04620 Control Technology
  • U04630 Automotive Electronics
  • U04650 Sensors and Data Logging
  • U08924 Microprocessors
  • P04760 Data Acquisition Systems

As well as this formal work in teaching, I am also involved with students in extra-curricular work on electric racing cars. We built the first hybrid electric racing car to run at Silverstone – our Formula Student car in 2008. We have also built fully electric FS type cars, and an electric kart.


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Larminie, James and Dicks, Andrew Fuel Cell Systems Explained 2nd edition, ISBN 047084857X, J. Wiley & Sons, February 2003 (This book is also published in Japanese and Chinese.)

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Recent papers

Larminie, James and Martin, James Keith , “Data Acquisition Systems: Issues of Use and Interpretation of Data.” SAE International Technical Paper 2009-01-1673, January 2009, SAE International, Warrendale, PA. USA, 2009.

Cecotti, M, Larminie, J and Azzopardi, B, “Estimation of Slip Ratio and Road Characteristics by Adding Perturbation of the Input Torque”, 2012 IEEE International Conference on Vehicular Electronics and Safety (ICVES’12)

James Larminie


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