Dr Neil Fellows

Reader in Engineering
Professional bodies: MIMechE, CEng


My first degree was in Mechanical Engineering from Salford University. As part of my degree I spent a year working in industry on fluid and hydraulic control systems. My PhD was carried out at Cranfield University where I investigated the high velocity impact on ceramic armour. Following my PhD I took up a post-doctoral position with the University of Oxford, in which I developed methods of recording, photographically, torsional deformation during high speed split hopkison pressure bar tests. At the end of this project I took up a post at Oxford Brookes University. This post combined teaching, research and industrial consultancy within the area of stress analysis. My role broadened with me having responsibility for the development of industrial consultancy for the Mechanical Engineering and Mathematical Sciences department. I am now Research Lead for the Simulation, Modelling and Systems Integration theme and manager for the Intelligent Transport Systems Doctoral Training Programme. Since being at Brookes I have been involved in many different research projects: These include:

  • adhesive joint strength prediction in automotive vehicles
  • reduction of NVH in Ford Transit van roofs
  • bearing versus bypass loading in composite aircraft wings
  • low temperature measurement of thermal strains in superconducting coils
  • effect of heat treatment on material properties of superconducting wires
  • design of heat collector systems for ground source heat pumps

All these projects have been funded by a variety of companies as well as the EPSRC and the DTI.

Research activities

Lead for Simulation, Modelling and Systems Integration:

This research theme focusses on using modelling and simulation to provide solutions to real life problems. Electrical Impedance Tomography, damage detection in aircraft, design and manufacture of fire extinguishant systems, economic prediction and secure electrical networks are just some of the applications of the work being carried out.

Research areas:

  • Composite damage modelling
  • Low and high temperature behaviour of materials
  • Residual stresses generated in components
    • due to thermal mismatch
    • due to heat treatment
  • Thermal flow modelling
  • High velocity impact
  • Fatigue performance
    • metal matrix composites
    • aluminium alloys
    • adhesive joints
  • Intelligent Transport Systems

Research Projects:

  • Principal Investigator
    EPSRC GR/S27245, Investigation and analysis of the strain distribution in complex composite structures at cryogenic temperatures, 2003-2006
  • Principal Investigator
    EPSRC CASE Award – Studentship number 01800819, Investigation of the effect of heat treatment of superconducting wires, 2002-2005
  • Knowledge Base Supervisor
    DTI KTP006458, Design of heat pump collector systems, 2003-2006


Module leader for

  • Placement Year
  • Vehicle Crashworthiness (MSc/MEng)
  • Stress Analysis II (MEng/BEng)

Also teach on

  • Strength of Components (MEng/BEng)
  • Stress Analysis 1 (MEng/BEng/BSc)

Recent publications

  • F Rosales-Iriarte, N A Fellows and J F Durodola (2011), ‘Experimental Evaluation of the Effect of Clamping Force and Hole Clearance on Carbon Composites subjected to Bearing versus Bypass Loading’, Composite Structures,Vol. 93, Issue 3, pp 1096-1102.
  • A A Aguilar-Espinosa, N A Fellows and O Portillo (2010), ‘Analysis of material properties for the numerical simulation of fatigue crack growth under variable amplitude loading’, Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 449, pp 1-8.
  • Lopez-Castro, A , Durodola, J and Fellows, N . ( 2009 ). A closed form solution for predicting springback in bending of beams including hardening effect. International Journal of Advanced Steel Construction. (2) View more details »
  • Fessel, G , Broughton, J , Fellows, N , Durodola, J and Hutchinson, A . ( 2009 ). Fatigue performance of metallic reverse-bent joints.Fatigue and Fracture of Engineering Materials and Structures. (9) View more details »
  • Fellows, N A , Harris, A , Durodola, J and Beevers, A . ( 2008 ). Effects of design and adhesive modulus on the torsional stiffness of automotive structures. Proc. IMechE Part D:J.Automobile Engineering. (8) View more details »
  • Fessel, G , Broughton, J , Fellows, N , Durodola, J and Hutchinson, A . ( 2007 ). Evaluation of different lap-shear joint geometries for automotive applications. International Journal of Adhesion and Adhesives. () View more details »

Further details of my publications can be found at:

Dr Neil Fellows


Department of Mechanical Engineering and Mathematical Sciences

Oxford Brookes University
Wheatley Campus
United Kingdom

01865 483503