Dr G Reza Oskrochi

Reader in Statistics


My first degree was in mathematical statistics and computing from Shiraz University, Iran. My MSc degree was in Bio-statistics from LUC Belgium. My PhD was carried out at KU Leuven in Belgium where I investigated analysis of censored correlated observations. Following my PhD I took up a research officer position with the University of Lancaster, in which I developed statistical methods for multivariate mixed models.

In 2001 I have start an academic position at Oxford Brookes University. This post combined teaching, research and consultancy within the area of statistical modelling and data analysis. My role broadened with me having responsibility for the development of STATSLINK to support research active staff with statistical modelling and development of an MSc in medical statistic. I am now subject coordinator of the MSc medical statistic. Since being at Brookes I have been involved in many different research projects: These include:

  • Multivariate non-parametric mixed modelling
  • Designing, supervising and analysing randomized control trials (RCTs)
  • Fractal analysis of street vistas
  • Shoulder morbidity after breast cancer treatment
  • Effect of aromatherapy in childbirth
  • Impact of wind farms on house prices
  • Satisfaction and educational experience
  • Assessment of patients with lower limb osteoarthritis
  • Community Partnership Leadership
  • Study of project-based learning integrated with computer-based simulation
  • Preventing alcohol misuse in university students
  • The effects of pelvic radiotherapy on long term cancer survivors

Research activities

  • Multivariate non-parametric mixed modelling.
  • Multivariate mixed modelling application to muscle activity in breast cancer patients.
  • Shoulder and scapular complexity in breast cancer patients.
  • A RCT comparative study of the effect of a diet containing food sweeter.
  • e-Government and development; an institutionalisation perspective
  • Web-based alcohol screening and brief intervention for University students in UK
  • Fractal analysis of street vistas - joint work with Department of Built Environment (OBU).
  • Assessing the effect of radiotherapy on shoulder complexity following treatment for breast cancer; joint work with SHSC of OBU.
  • Analysing breast cancer data using multivariate random effects modelling.
  • Designing, supervising and analysing a RCT on effect of aromatherapy treatment in normal birth; joint work with SHSC of OBU.
  • Assessing the advantages and disadvantages of water-birth compared to conventional birth, an international survey; joint work with SHSC of OBU.
  • Developing new statistical methods in analysing students’ satisfaction survey - joint work with University of East London.
  • Modelling multivariate random effects for longitudinal binary data with and without stayers.
  • Testing for sample-selection bias due to location in the labour-market behaviour.
  • Modelling and analysing longitudinal breast cancer data with informative dropout and selection into the model using a multivariate random effect.
  • Constructing the framework for a book on methodology and application of longitudinal data analysis.
  • Extracting, expanding and unifying the British Household Panel Survey (BHPS) data in order to construct a monthly unified work-life history dataset (including all relevant socio-economic covariates). This unified dataset covers each individual from leaving school up to and including wave 7 of the BHPS.
  • Constructing a multi-stage multi-spell competing risk model with multivariate random effects for labour market transitions in UK.
  • Modelling the effect of educational qualification and employment on wage level, using national child development survey (NCDS) data. This is an extension to Tobit II model.
  • Modelling labour market behaviour of respondents from the BHPS. Testing for area effects, informative dropout, informative missing, validity and consistency of BHPS.
  • Modelling effects of the highest academic qualification on employment and log-wage in the presence of a model for dropout, using BHPS data at each wave.

Research and consultancy grants

  • A joint EC projects (SAFE) over 5 years
  • Statistical analysis of breast cancer study, NHS UK
  • INDIGO project, Oxford Pharmagenesis UK
  • Family of intensive care patient project, DH USA
  • A Meta analysis, Oxford Pharmagenesis UK
  • A PhD studentship for work on Brookes Student Satisfaction Survey Project, OBU
  • Market Research and course development for a new PGCert in modelling and analysis, OBU


Modul leader for:

  • Survival and duration data analysis; PG level
  • Methods for categorical data analysis using SAS; PG level
  • Project supervisor for MSc medical statistics; PG level
  • Statistical methods in medical research and epidemiology; PG level
  • Simulation and modelling for specialist students; UG level
  • Medical statistics; UG level
  • Basic data analysis for non-specialist students; UG level
  • Statistical inference for specialist students; UG level
  • Project supervisor for statistics; UG level

Also organise and deliver the following short courses:

  • Intermediate statistical methods for researches & PhD students
  • Basic statistical methods for research active staff & PhD students
  • Advance statistical modelling using Gauss for researchers
  • Using SPSS for statistical research in business

Recent publications

Cooper, J and Oskrochi R. Fractal analysis of street vistas – a potential tool for assessing levels of visual variety in everyday street scenes. Environment and Planning, B, 2007, volume 35, pages 349 – 363.

Shamley D., R. Srinanaganathan , R. Weatherall, R. Oskrochi, M Watson, S Ostlere, E. Sugden. Changes in shoulder muscle size and activity following treatment for breast cancer. “Journal of Breast Cancer Research and treatments” 106:19–27 2007.

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Moreira, Maria T.; Oskrochi, Reza; Foxcroft, David R. Personalised Normative Feedback for Preventing Alcohol Misuse in University Students: Solomon Three-Group Randomised Controlled Trial. PLOS ONE Volume: 7 Issue: 9 Article Number: e44120 DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0044120 Published: SEP 12 2012

Watson, E.; Adams, E.; Boulton, M.; Oskrochi, Reza; The Effects Of Pelvic Radiotherapy On Long Term Cancer Survivors: Symptom Profile, Psychological Morbidity And Quality Of Life. PSYCHO-ONCOLOGY Volume: 21 Special Issue: SI Supplement: 2 Pages: 4-4 Published: MAR 2012

Cooper J, Mei-Lin Su, Oskrochi R. The influence of fractal dimension and vegetation on the perceptions of streetscape quality in Taipei: with comparative comments made in relation to two British case studies. Environment and Planning B: Planning and Design 2013, volume 40, pages 43 – 62.

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