15 May 2012

Oxford Brookes Racing showcases zero emissions racing car

Oxford Brookes Racing eCar

The Oxford Brookes Racing eCar Team competed at the 5th Alternative Energy Racing Day at Santa Pod Raceway on Saturday 12th May 2012. The Alternative Energy Racing event is an electric and alternative-fuel powered drag racing showcase for all kinds of vehicles that do not run on fossil fuels.

The Brookes Team's eCar was the only single seat racing car in the zero emissions class. The event provided the team with the opportunity to test their recent developments and upgrades while demonstrating the department's commitment to developing sustainable vehicles.

Oxford Brookes Racing eCar

Out on the drag strip the eCar went up against a variety of unique electric, bioethanol and biodiesel conversions of both bikes and cars as well as home-made electric motorcycles. Along with the the opportunity to compete, the event afforded Oxford Brookes students the chance to experience and evaluate under race conditions the wide range of design and engineering concepts and approaches to producing alternative energy vehicles.