16 July 2016

Head of department organises workshop at Carbon 2016

Workshop at Carbon 2016

Professor Gareth Neighbour co-organised a workshop prior to Carbon 2016, the World Conference on Carbon at Penn State University, USA, 10-15 July 2016 called ‘Carbon materials across dimensions’, with around 600 delegates from around the globe.

The output of the workshop will be published in the high impact journal Carbon. The workshop involved around 200, mostly young researchers, who need guidance regarding virtues and liabilities of the various graphene-based materials, as clarified by (1) the similarities and differences in their synthesis methods, properties and applications; (2) what is known; and (3) what is known to be unknown. Carbon materials – from CNFs to CNTs; 2D carbon materials – from graphite to graphene and carbon dots; and 3D carbon architectures – from molecular structures to porous materials were all covered in the workshop.

It is also a pleasure to note that the United Kingdom won the process to host Carbon 2021, the World Conference on Carbon. The last time the UK hosted the conference was in Aberdeen in 2006 when Gareth was part of the organising team, as vice-chair of the programme committee. That conference attracted around 700 delegates from all around the world. Carbon 2016 also saw a special Memorial to Sir Harry Kroto NL with moments, memories and legacy of his contribution to the ‘carbon community’. Next year’s conference will be held in Melbourne, Australia.