19 February 2013

IET Oxfordshire Network - 13 February 2013

The University recently hosted an Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) event at the Wheatley campus.

IET Oxfordshire Network Event

The lecture ‘Academics Ride High on Grass: A Bamboo Bike Revival’ was presented by Dr Shpend Gerguri and Dr James Broughton, both with the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Mathematical Sciences.

Shpend and James described some of the innovative work they have carried out, often involving students, that has led to the design and manufacture of a new generation of bamboo bikes. Composite materials have been used to join the bamboo tubes, giving a design that is robust, durable and helps to reduce vibrations when travelling across uneven ground. Delegates also had the opportunity ride one of the bikes, now produced commercially by RAW Bamboo Bikes Ltd through a licensing agreement with the University.

The event was organised by the IET Oxfordshire Network and feedback from the large and enthusiastic audience was very positive. The bamboo bike revival is underway!

A full review of this event will be posted on the IET website.

For more information on the Bamboo Bicycles, visit the Bamboo Bicycles page.