22 June 2012

Professor Allan Hutchinson celebrates 25 years at Brookes

The Department of Mechanical Engineering and Mathematical Sciences congratulated Allan on his achievement with a departmental celebration of coffee and cakes on Friday 22nd June 2012. This was a chance for colleagues to recognise this significant milestone and achievement.

Gareth Neighbour, Head of Department, thanked Allan for his hard work and dedication to the University over the past 25 years and spoke of the significance of Allan's work to the university. "His current work championing the field of sustainable electric vehicles very much enhances the reputation of the University. Indeed, the leadership he has shown over the last 25 years in helping to build a substantial research environment by attracting funding from research councils and industry is representative of his commitment. Of course, his contribution goes beyond research activity and is varied in the way it has added to our success not least in his exemplary research-led teaching and the support for students and his colleagues."

Speaking of his achievement, Allan said that there have been many highlights; one of the most notable has been the MINI E project, where BMW gave the University 24 hours to have everything in place to enable them to be part of the project, which was achieved through Allan's leadership and hard work. Allan also spoke of the numerous changes that have happened since 1987 and the progress made from Poly to University has been interesting to witness. "Some colleagues and friends made at the very beginning are still at Brookes and we have shared quite a journey during that time."