Sustainable Engineering and Innovation (SEI)


Sustainable Engineering and Innovation (SEI)

The Sustainable Engineering and Innovation (SEI) theme of research at Oxford Brookes University draws together a collective of many different technological disciplines, highly successful research groups and individuals.
This approach enables the team to deliver innovative and sustainable engineering solutions to both national and international issues concerning current and future environmental, social and economic needs.

The key focus areas of SEI include:

  • Intelligent and intergrated solutions for sustainable mobility
  • Closed-loop manufacturing through the development of smart materials, efficient processes and innovative design
  • Advanced sustainable materials and joining processes
  • Whole life energy analysis and low carbon solutions
  • Expertise in the use, manufacture and performance of carbon materials

An interesting development

Brookes engineering academics have teamed up with CMS – a local SME – in a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) exploring the 'air-charging' technology that we could all be using to charge our electrical products in the not too distant future.

Brookes has brought fresh thinking and support that has given CMS the confidence to expand into a new market and develop a product unlike others in its portfolio. More details to follow.

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Dr James Broughton

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