System dynamics

Applied Research in Vibration, Acoustics and Biodynamics

High frequency noise and vibration

High frequency noise and vibration: SEA-like approach

Predicting interaction of vibrating components at higher frequencies using SEA-like approaches. Commercially available FE codes are exploited to extend the capability to develop response prediction methods.

Vehicle discomfort prediction

Vehicle discomfort prediction

The project aims to produce integrated multi-disciplinary model to predict discomfort in a vehicle due to vibration. Suspension dynamic and biodynamic models are used. In-situ measurements performed to research and develop discomfort curves.

Vehicle discomfort prediction

Industrial noise and vibration

A project on shock absorber is investigating knocking sound in order to improve NVH performance of vehicles. A method has been developed to robustly identify shock absorbers prone to create knocking sound.


Simulation, Modelling and Systems Integration (SMSI)

Oxford Brookes University
Wheatley Campus
United Kingdom


Principal Investigators

Research Students

  • Tulay Ibicek
  • Ioannis Michalakoudis