Fire Extinguishant Systems

Willans® Knowledge Transfer Project

The challenge is to create fire extinguisher systems for motorsport that can out-perform products currently available.

This will require genuine innovation and high-end problem-solving, drawing on academic resources to create solutions that can be manufactured and sold for safety-critical use at the forefront of automotive engineering. It will encompass a range of engineering knowledge from gases to materials to fluid dynamics.

The project will develop:

  • validated models that give accurate spray patterns and flow rate as pressure drops
  • further innovative system designs which help sustain flow rate during operation
  • cost-effective lightweight component designs that meet temperature and pressure demands
  • tests which validate system performance and help with production validation
  • low volume manufacturing procedures to ensure reliability

The main outcome of project will be the embedding of a capability for innovation, which will enable the company to achieve its objectives and build on its work with leading-edge companies within Formula One, and with high visibility projects such as Bloodhound SSC.


Simulation, Modelling and Systems Integration (SMSI)

Oxford Brookes University
Wheatley Campus
United Kingdom


Knowledge Base Supervisors

KTP associate

  • Sam Duddell

Company Supervisor

  • Simon Perkins