Dr Colin Bell

Senior Lecturer in Engineering Design


Dr Bell studied his Undergraduate degree at Brunel University in 2007 graduating with a 1st Class Honors degree in Mechanical Engineering. He followed this up with a PhD titled “Constant Power - Continuously Variable Transmission (CP-CVT): Optimisation & Simulation”, which was completed in February 2011. He has since held a number of post-doctoral posts including:

  • Brunel University: Short-term contract to optimise a corrugated profile for a novel deformable winglet
  • University of Surrey: Development of a tool to optimise the design of CRFP stiffened panels for use in an all-composite Airbus fuselage
  • Cranfield University: Based within the EPSRC Through-life Engineering Services Centre researching Self-healing mechatronic systems.
He was appointed a Lecturer in Engineering Design at Oxford Brookes University in January 2014.

Research Interests

  • Algorithm creation, multi-criteria optimisation and search techniques.
  • Design theories, processes and optimisation
  • Transmission design, especially toroidal traction drives and CVTs.
  • Mathematical modelling and simulation, including vehicular motion, dynamic tire contact properties, Hertzian contact geometry, contact capacitance.
  • Stress analysis of composite stiffened panels including aspects such as analytical buckling (using Rayleigh-Ritz energy method), multiple plane-strength criteria (Tsai-Wu, Modified Puck, etc.) and impact tolerance.

External Activites

  • Visiting researcher at Cranfield University
  • Managing Guest Editor of Procedia CIRP 2nd International Through-life Engineering Services Conference
  • Reviewer on a number of international journals.

Recent Publications

Peer-reviewed Journal Papers

Bell, C. A., Mares, C. and Glovnea, R. P., 2014. “Multi-criteria Optimisation of a Continuously Variable Transmission”. Int. Journal Design Engineering. (accepted for publication)

Bell, C., McWilliam, R., Purvis, A. and Tiwari, A., 2013. “On the concepts of self-repairing systems”. Measurement and Control. Vol. 46. Iss. 6. July 2013.

Bell, C. A., Mares, C. and Glovnea, R. P., 2011. “Concept design optimisation for Continuously Variable Transmissions”, Int. J. Mechatronics and Manufacturing Systems, Vol. 4. No. 1. pp19-34

Bell, C. A. and Glovnea, R.P., 2011. “Tribological Efficiency Optimisation of a Toroidal-Type CVT”, Proceedings of the IMechE, Part J, Journal of Engineering Tribology. Vol.225. pp407-417

Peer-reviewed Conference Papers

Bell, C., Farnsworth, M., Tiwari, A., & Dorey, R. 2013. “Theoretical Design of a Self-rectifying 4-bar Linkage Mechanism”. Procedia CIRP, 11, pp385-389.

Bell, C.A., Ursache, N.M., Mares, C., 2012. “Optimization of a Corrugated Skin for a Morphable Winglet”, 53rd AIAA/ASME/ASCE/AHS/ASC Structures, Structural Dynamics, and Materials Conference. 23 - 26 Apr 2012, Sheraton Waikiki.

Bell, C. A., and Glovnea, R. P., 2010. “Tribological Optimisation of a Toroidal-Type CVT”, 37th Leeds-Lyon Symposium on Tribology, 7-10th September 2010, Leeds, UK.

Morita, T., Imayoshi, Y., Bell, C., Glovnea, R. and Sugimura, J., 2010. “Experimental study of rubber traction with concrete model surfaces”, International Tribology Congress - ASIATRIB 2010, December 2010, Australia.

Bell, C. and Glovnea, R. P., 2009. “Modelling and Simulation of a Novel Toroidal-Type CVT”, Proc. Of MPT2009, JSME International Conference on Motion Power Transmissions, May 2009, Sendai, Japan.

Bell, C., Glovnea, R. P. and Mares, C., 2008. “Concept Design for Transmission Systems”,Proceedings of International Multi-Conference on Engineering and Technological Innovation: IMETI, June 2008, Orlando, FL.

Nagata, Y., Furtuna, M., Bell, C. and Glovnea, R., 2008. “Evaluation of Electric Permittivity of Lubricating Oils in EHD Conditions”, Proc. of 2nd International Conference on Advanced Tribology, December 2008, Singapore

Colin Bell


Department of Mechanical Engineering and Mathematical Sciences

Oxford Brookes University
Wheatley Campus
United Kingdom 01865 483354